As a fairly new bodyworker (newly licensed last Fall) I have been in massage workshops throughout the past year. Many have an instructional video to recap what we learned. By FAR—are your dvds the absolute top in quality and attention to details. The details that matter to a new therapist—cues; transitions, important lists of linens and must-haves are so incredibly vital to the success of a proper session. Also, your demonstrations are so clear and executed with such precision and awesome form that there is no room for confusion. Kudos, Ruthie!
That’s all I wanted to convey with this email—a heartfelt thank you for your quality output with this unique method/modality.

Hanni Reeb
Pilatista and LMP

"I have had excellent experiences with the massage therapy trainings provided here. Julie has been an incredible Ashiatsu teacher to learn from. I have taken all three levels of ashiatsu training here over the last year and a half and am incredibly pleased with quality of the instruction that I have received and the overall learning experience.

Julie's style of teaching has been very agreeable for me. I am a hands on learner ( in this case it is more like feet on) and I enjoy her demonstrations as well as her attention to making sure that all students get a chance to feel and experience the work from her as well. She has a relaxed and fun approach to teaching ashiatsu which makes the experience of going for CEU's more enjoyable; learning bodywork should be fun and enjoyable as well educational. The thing that I like best about Julie's teaching though is ability to make the most of "teachable moments'. There certainly are times when learning ashiatsu is difficult, it can be challenging and hard work. In the middle of those moments of struggle to learn something new I have seen Julie be extremely quick to identify what's happening, verbalize, demonstrate, and explain to a student how to make the necessary adjustments. I really appreciate that skill and ability.

I have taken Barefoot Basics, Anterior / Side-lying and Advanced Ashiatsu with Julie now, and I definitely recommend taking all three levels of training. The Advanced Ashiatsu is definitely a whole new level of techniques and skills that I am extremely glad that I have committed to learning. It opens up so many more possibilities than I could have even imagined were possible. We learned to work up and down the body with both feet delivering graceful and powerful strokes to our clients. Now that I know this level of training, I think of what I was doing before as only half of the experience. These additional tools have added so much to my tool box; I'm excited to share everything with my clients and look forward to how I can serve new clients with my new capabilities."

Brady Preyss, Asheville, NC

I just want to let you know that I am truly blessed that I found out about you guys! I'm doing 50% all Ashiatsu in my practice now. I even have my older women request it for their low back (adjusting pressure accordingly of course) but this is so great for sciatica, and...., well heck, you know the benefits.

I got busy doing (2) obstacle runs. One for Breast Cancer, the other for Wounded War Heroes. No, not massaging, actually running in them. Ashiatsu has forced me to get in shape and now I have more energy and I've 20 pounds and holding. I can honestly say, I have taken tons of courses but this one really fed my brain, especailly with all that was packed into the time. Other workshops - your lucky to learn 2 to 4 things cause they talk so long and there are way too many people in the class. So thanks for designing the course the way you did.

With gratitude
Kelly Norman

I wanted to let you know of a recent phone call from a fellow massage therapist in Montana. She got my name by an acquaintance who knew that I had been trained in Ashiatsu. She wanted to ask me about the training as she was considering an upcoming class. In the process of reassuring her training would be utterly fascinating and fantastically worthwhile, I shared how I have come to use your work with an average of 7 out of every 10 clients I see in my private practice. While my inpatient projects for hospital and MedSpa cannot include Ashiatsu, my private and outreach work really just sparkles with the inclusion of this modality! I've had the good fortune to work in a number of facilities, and use my portable bars in a wide array of settings. I Love that I've been able to integrate Ashi with nearly every client I see.

Mary Ellen Hendrickson, LMT, Great Falls, Montana

When I worked on the instructor, it was very helpful with the corrections and being able to allow me to do the movements correctly!! Everything was wonderful. Very informative and a great learning experience.

Robin Bancroft, Carrollton, TX

The class was so much more/better than I expected. Well organized. Relaxed atmosphere but efficient. Info was well presented for learning-demo, practice, reinforce.

Susan Ball, Cincinnati, OH

My favorite part of class was the practice on the outside clients with teacher and client feedback. My instructor actually came and moved my feet to help me get the motion and rhythm down.

Amanda Saxer, Terre Haute, IN

Ashiatsu was by far the BEST course I ever took! I do recommend it to many. I tell all the young ones coming into the profession it is a must if they plan to do deep tissue...I really am in a class all my own here in Macomb, IL as no one does Ashiatsu for miles around. My big fellows LOVE it!

Peggy Scrogum, LMT

My favorite part of class was learning the new moves for the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet! I cannot wait to take all the classes!

Melissa Simmering; Bettendorf, IA

My favorite part was all the tips my teacher gave during practice sessions. If one of us didn't do the stroke perfectly, she showed us the right way, and if we still didn't get it, she gave us a tip to make the stroke perfect. She is awesome, patient, and a knowledgeable instructor. I am already planning on taking two footed strokes!

Aruna Sivakumar; Mason, OH

I loved this class. Staying for the 4th day (Anterior and Side-lying) was invaluable. You are so patient too!

Abigail Savage; Chicago, IL