One Day Refresher Course

6 CE hours 6 hour course cost; $175
Prerequisite - Graduate of our Barefoot Basics program.
Feeling a little rusty on your Barefoot Basics strokes? A refresher might be the answer.

Refresher classes are short, sweet and specific, catered to existing Ashiatsu graduates. You may engage in group discussion about contraindications, Ashi-Aftercare, network with other AOBT graduates or discuss real world issues that have come up in your barefoot practice so far. Receive protocols again from the instructor and remember what it is suppose to feel like and how to protect yourself from harmful barefoot body mechanics that may have developed while away from direct instruction. Graduates should bring manuals and wear proper clothing, and be prepared to give and receive the work again.


We have a few refresher options; they can be a (1) day private refresher, a (1) day group event refresher or a "retake" of our Barefoot Basics in a group setting. Once you pick a city and state to take a refresher, contact THAT individual instructor to see what options are being offered for a particular date.

Full Barefoot Basics: All 3 days, all hours, 25 CEUs. Purpose: to get student back on ashi-track and take additional course. Must have taken our program previously. $495 ($100 discount). Barefoot Basics in a group setting: 3 hours, 3 CEUs. Review basics strokes. Students should bring manuals and work on each other. Schedule to be based on group needs. $100. Minimum number required—check with your instructor to see it it’s available.
Barefoot Basics during class time—4-5 hours, recommended on Day 2 during both student working times. NO CEUs. $80. Check with instructor to see if space is available. Participation allowed if there are an odd number of students. Private Refresher or tutoring: 3 hours, 3 CEUs. Student brings own manual. Content based on student’s needs. Price variable—check with instructor.