Ashi-Thai vs. Ashaitsu

Know the difference between Ashiatsu & Ashi-Thai



We hope you take just a moment to familiarize yourself with the unique differences between these two beautiful and amazing barefoot bar modalities both created and developed by the Deepfeet Brand. Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy involves gliding effleurage fluidity like that of a Swedish massage. This continuous compression swirls into rivers of muscles and flows with a smooth soothing touch. Ashi-Thai is a series of rhythmic compression-over-clothing movements while providing a continuous hypnotic & lymphatic flow of energy to the body.

Both techniques are applied with warm, sanitized feet so soft and comfortable, you would never know the practitioner is not using their hands. Using the broad surface of the soles of the feet as appose to thumbs, wrist, knuckles and elbows feels far more luxurious. We feel our specific application will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system much faster than a regular hand massage resulting in a luxurious state of being that promotes a lasting deeper relaxation experience.

IMPORTANT - Please click here to acknowledge that you fully understand you are purchasing a Home Study course for Ashi-Thai and not Ashiatsu. They are (2) different modality techniques yet both applications require the use of bars overhead. If you have any questions regarding the Liability/Code of Ethics agreement, please feel free to call our Denver office.