It would be wonderful if we could provide our barefoot training centers in all major cities across the country but of course that’s not realistic. Our training centers are professionally appointed facilities where our instructors provide all equipment, classroom materials and a public certification practical. The permanent bars in the ceiling are sturdier and friendlier to a beginner for their first barefoot experience. We refer to these locations as “Permanent” training locations.

We also provide staff training at Spa and Resort locations where the client prefers our classroom to be brought to their property. In addition, we conduct workshops in various cities around the country other than those states where we have appointed training centers. In each case, we refer to these locations as “Portable” locations. It is a logistical challenge to provide the necessary equipment and create the educational environment to that of our permanent locations to conduct a portable training.

Please become familiar with the differences between a Portable vs. Permanent Training workshop as well as the hosting and logistical responsibilities.

Portable Particulars & Considerations at a Glance:

Tuition for one therapist is $700 when we conduct a portable bar training workshop. Additional expenses involve shipping equipment. A minimum of 4 sets of bars are needed for a group of 8. If any portable sets are purchased there are discounts off the regular retail price of $1687.00 that can go to the client/resort/spa. The return shipping credit will be adjusted. Client will need to make arrangements with the instructor to provide (4) 24 inch stools and (4) 29 inch stools.

The Barefoot Basics Certification program is (3 days) from 8:45 am. to 6:00 pm. Therapists will be trained in one footed posterior protocols and be shown how to safely complete the treatment by balancing the client back to a Homeostasis state of well being. For your convenience the Anterior/Side-lying workshop is held immediately following Barefoot Basics. No further training is required to deliver this luxurious deep tissue massage.

Program is accredited for 25 national credit hours approved by NCBTMB which is applicable with most state regulatory agencies.
Above cost does not include advanced level classes with two feet or anterior/side-lying sports techniques.
Complete instructions for bar installation are covered during the course. The average price range for one set of bars in individual treatment rooms can range from $75 to $500 depending on materials and ceiling. Full schematics, 15 different installation designs and unlimited consulting may be provided to the client upon full payment of class.
A conference room or space of 20 by 30 or 15 by 40 foot floor space with a minimum of 8 foot ceiling space is needed.
Days of the week are flexible for the workshop; however we need the seminar to take place on 3 consecutive days (i.e. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) and be scheduled in advance to ensure availability of instructor.
Air travel, transportation to and from airport, miscellaneous shipping and accommodations for instructor are additional expenses that are to be covered by the hosting group. (Some instructors may negotiate driving)
A maintenance person or helper from the spa will be required to help instructor assemble the training room prior to the first day of class. This is usually done the afternoon before the workshop. A carpeted area or floor with rugs is also required. Four massage tables will also have to be donated to the workshop. We will provide the means to attach our bars to your tables. A list of items such as spray alcohol, linens, and standard pillows will be sent with the contract.
When training on portable bars at a remote location other than our studios, each therapist is required to provide his/her own “guest client” on the last day of training for a 90 minute certification practical session. This volunteer should be a healthy male who is experienced in deep tissue massage. A detailed schedule for this part of the workshop will be discussed upon registration.
Misc. materials cost (lumber, hardware, wooden dowel rods, etc.) for treatment room are not included in cost proposal since installations can vary based on type of installation desired by the client (basic to elaborate). All costs related to bar installation in the treatment room to be incurred by the resort but we are happy to provide unlimited free consultation.
Labor costs for installing the permanent bars in treatment room are not included and is the responsibility of the resort.

Permanent Particulars & Considerations at a Glance:

Tuition for one therapist is $199 to $595 if they travel to one of our instructors "home town" training studios. Check with individual instructors to see if you are required to bring stools and massage table to your workshop.

Complete instructions for bar installation are covered during the course. The average price range for one set of bars in individual treatment rooms can range from $75 to $500 depending on materials and ceiling.

We pride ourselves in providing the exceptional experience for all students to receive a guest client public practical during basics training. We have a seasoned client pool to draw from for the best in one–on-one individualized feedback. This part of our workshop is an invaluable experience for our student therapists since it provides them with a live opportunity to demonstrate their new skills while the instructor is present. Clients come in all shapes, sizes and some with chronic issues. We will guide you in individualized
modifications for your personal body mechanics. Our goal is to make sure you are prepared for real world situations.

While the most cost-effective approach is to have your therapists come to one of our 11 permanent training locations where we provide everything, our goal is to provide you with the best value for your training investment budget. Please feel free to call the corporate offices or email if you have any questions about portable vs. permanent trainings.