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While we are honored that 5000 plus graduates have taken our Barefoot Basics first level course, only a fraction of them are listed within this directory. Out of respect to consumers far and wide, we don’t “just automatically post” every person that has walked through our classroom doors; only those who have successfully completed a 3 part certification criteria are invited to be part of this elite network of "Barefoot Bodyworkers".

We realize that finding a professional therapist is a personal matter. Many of the inquiries that come from this directory are business travelers who seek out appointments in advance to find our certified graduates at their point of destination.

We know you seek a licensed professional who not only has the expertise you need, but also makes you feel comfortable and welcoming to this modality. We want to help you make that appointment with ease. Since 1998, consumers all over the world have visited us at to ask if we have trained anyone in their home town or near by where they can receive this amazing barefoot massage.


Many have received this treatment while on vacation at a luxury resort (click here for a list of spa partners) and wish to continue getting this style of deep work at home. Others have seen our trademarked work on television or in top notch spa magazine articles. Either way, they’re eager to find someone we recommend who is authentic and kind. Some consumers even share stories of their own experience of receiving a barefoot treatment in Asia or India that looks similar to the technique we have developed. Our company is happy to report that a large percentage reply saying their experience with our graduates far exceeded their expectations. Because we offer various levels of training in Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy, we provide consumers a way to identify those with advanced skills.
Master Ashiatsu and Ashi-Thai symbols
Those who have taken all levels of Ashiatsu trainings are distinguished by the mastery level symbol located next to their name.Those that have completed Ashi-Thai have the official Ashi-Thai symbol.

*Please note that prices for a one hour session vary from city to city.
PLEASE READ THIS LEGAL NOTICE: This copyrighted program is provided on our website as a service to help consumers locate a therapist in their area who has been trained and certified in our technique. Any individual or corporation attempting to create a phone or email list from this information to solicit our graduates for commercial purposes or other educational workshops is expressly prohibited. Our directory may contain links to other Internet sites owned by third parties. You do not have permission to download anything!