Barefoot Basics Combo

Introductory - 3 days - 25 CE Hours - $725
Non-Refundable Deposit required upon Registering - $300
9:00am-6:00pm w/one hour lunch break, daily

Pre-requisite: Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist

This is where it all starts for everyone...the essential basics – Plus Anterior Protocols.

We have designed a comprehensive three day class that teaches licensed professionals how to administer barefoot massage techniques that offer students both posterior and anterior protocols.

You will have lots of “feet on” time in this class. Though we use the Ashi bars on the ceiling to regulate our weight, we have some fitness levels /weight guidelines associated with taking the Barefoot Basics Combo class. Our teaching methodologies are designed to work with each practitioner’s skill level, physical characteristics and learning style. Emphasis during the three-day workshop will be on body mechanics, barefoot application, contraindications, certification and bar construction.

The Barefoot Basics Anterior Combo Course combines the anterior module fundamentals with all the skills and techniques taught in our flagship Barefoot Basics course so that upon completion the body-worker will be able to deliver a 75 or 90 minute rich and detailed supine and prone Ashiatsu session. One-footed protocols are incorporated while utilizing overhead bars.

We not only do we train you how to use your foot as a massage tool – we also teach you trademarked sequence that has proven to be successful, so you will walk away with confidence and certainty to start practicing your newly acquired barefoot skills right away. Making sure you are safely up and operational before you leave the workshop has been our acclaimed reputation. We set the standards when it comes to barefoot bar work and we deliver the most supervised hands-on courses in the industry.
Upon completion of class you will receive 25 credit hours, which you can apply to your NCBTMB certification, AMTA or ABMP renewal. To become certified in Ashiastu DeepFeet Bar Therapy students are required to perform a practical on day three of class, complete an online quiz and submit 20 documented practice sessions.