Classes & Rates

Introduction to Ashiatsu
Bars Free Course
1 day 8 CEU's $225
Barefoot Basics
Introductory Course
3 days 25 CE Credit Hours
Class times are
9:00-6:00 w/hour for lunch
Anterior Workshop
1 day 8 CE Credit Hours
Class times are
9:00-6:00 w/hour for lunch
Barefoot Basics/Anterior Combo
25 CE Credit Hours
3 Day Course
Advanced Deepfeet 2
Two-Footed Strokes Workshop
2 days 16 CE Hours
Class times are
9:00-6:00 w/hour for lunch
Ashi-Thai Live Workshop
2 Days 16 CE Hours
Class times are
9:00-6:00 w/hour for lunch

Ashi-Thai Home Study
25 CE Hours, 2 DVD
Ashiatsu One Day Refreshers
6 CE hours 6 hour course
Prerequisite - Graduate of our Barefoot Basics program.

Our Ashiatsu courses are designed as a progression learning system. With each level you will learn more advanced techniques, protocols and become more confident in your new barefoot skills. Everything starts with learning the fundamentals of Barefoot Basics first. Even though the class is entry level, we do reserve the right to maintain a weight limit/fitness level for teaching our barefoot classes due to equipment safety and liability issues. If your weight is over 180 pounds and you would like to register for Barefoot Basics, please contact one of our certified instructors prior to registration to discuss what is expected of you. We are happy to discuss through photos and verbal description of the upper arm and core strength you will need to participate & deliver a comfortable session to your receiving partner. You will need strength, balance and coordination no matter what class level you take to deliver barefoot compression with flow, rhythm and safety.

The art of learning to effleurage with the feet can be physically and mentally challenging. A successful learning environment depends on a “team-operation” style workshop. If you have any concerns with weight, sight, hearing, recent injuries, learning disabilities, language barriers or any situation that may interfere with your fellow body worker’s learning process, please let us know in advance. Our main focus is on a quality workshop experience for all.
All courses meet ABMP and AMTA eligibility requirements. Our courses meet the high standards of the NCBTMB and we have been an NCBTMB approved provider since 1995. Most state massage regulatory agencies recognize the same number of continuing education hours. Please contact our office if you have questions regarding whether or not your state has automatic reciprocity with the NCBTMB.

As a NCBTMB approved provider, we are also ABMP and AMTA compliant. We are additionally approved for Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Delaware and all states who take automatic reciprocity with the NCBTMB.