Steps to become a certified DeepFeet Therapist

To ensure safety for our therapists and clients we require 20 documented practice sessions. We suggest practicing for no charge on fellow friends, family and colleagues. Please have each practice client fill out the evaluation form in your manuals. Use the evaluation forms for constructive feedback to help sharpen and fine tune your newly developed barefoot skills. Try to avoid working on regular clientele until you have gained full confidence in your Ashiatsu skills and are ready to charge them. Offering a discount to your clients at first is helpful to gain momentum in promoting Ashiatsu to your clients.

Step 1.Perform 20 documented practice Ashiatsu sessions
Step 2. Complete online quiz & provide practice dates: Quiz
Step 3: Pay Certification handling fee: Certification Fee

Once we have received your payment, quiz and verify your practice sessions we will determine if you will become certified in Ashiatsu Massage under the DeepFeet Bar Therapy Company. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing from the time you submit your quiz until you receive your certification. Your certificate will arrive via mail.