Ashiatsu Bridge Course

12 CEU's $300
1-1/2 days - 1st day-9am-6pm, 2nd day 9am-1pm
$75 non refundable deposit

Prerequisites: Completed Intro/Beginning Level Ashiatsu; have provided a minimum of 50 Ashiatsu sessions

WHY "ASHIATSU BRIDGE?" The course name comes from it's original development: a spa director's request to "bridge the gap" between their therapists--those trained in Ashiatsu years ago, and those more recently trained. With so much evolution in a modality, gaps can happen if there isn't continuous research, updating, refreshing, and feeling barefoot work more often. More experience equals more improvements. No one should be excluded from improving in their profession, especially those who bare their soles!

Just as barefoot massage has evolved from the floor to the table, Ashiatsu continues to evolve in efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and comfort for therapists and clients alike. This course blends a few techniques from Extended Seated & Standing with trigger point and myofascial techniques created in the last several years, topped off with a couple of tributes to Chavutti Thirummal. It contains the most up-to-date information about draping, technique, and helpful equipment for Ashiatsu therapists at all levels.

Allow your Ashiatsu to evolve with this day and a half course. Refresh your passion for your work - no matter how long you've been providing Ashiatsu, this class is guaranteed to give you many fresh & effective techniques to add to your current repertoire. Each year, a different protocol will be created, featuring several techniques from the Extended Series courses, and several not taught in any other classes. The purpose of this course is to continue sharing and educating through the evolution and development of barefoot massage.

You will have the opportunity to address any concerns & questions with your current Ashiatsu practice, and most importantly, YOU GET TO FEEL IT FOR YOURSELF!

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Ashiatsu Bridge Course
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