Barefoot Anterior/Side-Lying Workshop
1 day - 8 CE -
$225  Pre-requisite: Therapist understands anatomy and physiology.
Class times: 9:00-6:00 w/hour for lunch

This course is usually taught right after barefoot basics for convenience and is designed to be a continuation of the sequences taught during barefoot basics. It’s really two (2) courses for the price of one. The Anterior portion covers more in-depth knowledge of anterior muscles and its relationship to veins and superficial arteries which play an important role in controlling depth of compression. Therapist will be taught a fabulous “spa finish” that will complete the amazing 60 or 90 minute posterior treatment. Receiving the anterior spa finish has been designed to incorporate a gentle eye cover accoutrement. Specifically incorporated into the anterior neck routine, clients will receive the anterior massage in an ethical manner. We are unaware of any massage regulatory agency that endorses a heavy foot or full bodyweight over the chest near the heart or a standing practitioner straddled over a client's face. Make sure you study with a reputable educator when it comes to learning anterior barefoot work.

The side-lying portion of this workshop is geared towards those clients who are seen on a regular basis and can work as a team with the therapist to locate the source of pain patterns and to treat them.
It can be used in conjunction with sports massage and therapists will learn myofascial foot skills to spread and elongate the hip flexors and explore trigger point work done with the feet.
Client assistance during the application is involved with multi-positioning to locate anterior, lateral, medial and sagittal muscles in relationship to surrounding structures and landmarks.