Nell McGriff

Clinton, Connecticut
Phone: (203) 915-7197

When I first started massage school I read about Ashiatsu Bar Therapy and I was amazed and intrigued. I found a certified practitioner in my area and after receiving my first session, I was blown away and knew it was for me! It became my goal to become a Certified AOBT therapist as soon as I could. I took my barefoot basics course just before I graduated from massage school and doing so was the best thing I ever did for career. I have continued to work smarter not harder, giving my clients the therapeutic deep pressure they need with out injuring myself.

I hope to see you in one of my workshops in Clinton, Connecticut. The shoreline of CT is a relaxed beach community - with beautiful views of the tidal Hammonassett River from my studio - I encourage you to pursue this amazing modality. It will change your life!

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August 4-6 Barefoot Anterior Combo Clinton, Connecticut
September 9-10 Anterior/Side-Lying Clinton, Connecticut
September 29-Ocotber 1 Barefoot Anterior Combo Clinton, Connecticut
November 10-11 Deepfeet Two Clinton, Connecticut
December 1-3 Barefoot Anterior Combo Clinton, Connecticut